Layla Felder


I love acting. Acting allows me to become someone else, the farther away from my actual personality the better. I’m naturally gregarious as well, so the opportunity it gives me to meet new people is also lots of fun. Acting is a newfound passion for me, and I am still discovering all the wonderful things that attract me to it.


I was signed to Wilhelmina when I was 6 months old. Print work is my favorite of the various modeling disciplines. Although I don’t always love having my picture taken, I love dressing up as someone else and creating art with myself as both medium and muse.


I love comedy. I eat, and breathe humor whether I am listening to it, watching it, or making it myself! I have been a Phat Kidz Comedy Cast Member for the last 5 years, taking stand-up and improv classes weekly, and performing at Comedy Clubs across Atlanta. I love making people laugh, doing accents and impersonations, and improv. Harry Connick’s team found my stand-up and improv online, and called my agent to ask me to appear and perform Stand-Up on “The Harry Show” along with 2 other kid comedians.  One of my dreams is to be either a cast member or host on Saturday Night Live, which I watch religiously every Saturday.


I am completely obsessed with opera! (No- I don’t sing) I love the excellence of the singers and musicians, the storytelling, and the artistry of opera. It is an incredible art form! Opera is a drama set to music, which involves theater, dance, singing, music, foreign language, fashion, literature, history, music, foreign language, fine art, dance, and visual art.


I am an artist. I work with pen, graphite and colored pencils, markers, gouache, and paper. I love creating dioramas, photography, graphic design, ipad illustration, stop-motion animation, as well as regular short film storytelling. I would like to learn proper animation at some point.

I also love art! I love visiting museums, galleries, and historic homes.  I have a club- The Kids Opera & Art Posse-  to create the next generation of opera & art patrons.  We go to the museums and galleries once a month to have docent led tours through the exhibitions. I love learning about all of the different pieces and the inspiration behind them, it makes the art itself much more beautiful and touching.  Art captures the past, present, and future, it is our window to see through time. Historic homes allow you to travel back in history, and step into the shoes of those who came before. You can learn so much from the past: Humans are like logic puzzles, we are a series of repeated patterns. If you can find the pattern, you can change the course of history for better or for worse.


Frida is my role model, fashion icon, and inspiration. I love her artwork, the messages it conveys, the passion, the honesty, and her grit. It is a comfort to me to have her around me, so I have gradually obtained a sizeable collection of Frida Kahlo items including, but not limited to, books, bags, clothes, bedding, jewelry, and perfume.


I love school, I love learning and gaining new information! I even love homework! In my spare time, I am always seeking knowledge. I believe learning is a joy rather than a chore. I get lost in my studies and challenge myself by taking my assignments to the next level. I like to push the boundaries of interpretation and personal execution. I pride myself on my determination, creativity, and unwavering work ethic. If I can dream it, I can do it. I have high standards and high expectations for myself and believe in my capability for success. I am a voracious reader! Reading with a flashlight when I’m supposed to be sleeping, listening to audiobooks and podcasts,and telling stories are some of my favorite things. I am currently working on writing my first screenplay.


I love languages. I’m learning German and French in school, and have been teaching myself Russian, Italian and Latvian. In the past, I have taken Japanese and Spanish, and dabbled in Latin.


I am a fierce believer in “Finding Your Passion” and following it, even if it goes against the grain of society. AT&T was so inspired by my passion that they created their initiative “Generation Next” to highlight teens following their passions and what they can achieve with focus and dedication. I was also invited to address the Coca-Cola Global Integrated Marketing Team to share my passion for opera and be a window into Generation Z.