Network with some of the industry’s top comedians. Get advice on honing your comedic talents.


Most comedians think they’re going to be “discovered” performing on stage, but they’re just as likely – if not more – to make a valuable connection while hanging out off stage. The more you hang out, the more comedians, bookers, managers, agents, and other industry types you’ll wind up meeting. These meetings can help your career in many ways down the road.

The more people you meet, the more potential you have to make connections with new people who can give you performance opportunities or help you out in ways you could never imagine. Beyond that, networking gets your name out there and you start to become a known entity in your local comedy scene. This leads to people paying more attention to you when you perform!

By viewing your off-stage time as an opportunity to learn as much as you do when you’re on stage, you’ll learn valuable lessons that can help you take both your performance and your career to the next level.