Comedy Dreams Come True

During these unprecedented times, we wanted to provide a platform for a talented pool of all stars to chase their dreams and be supported by people across the world.

Young Stars Dream Big (for kids under 18) & 
Comedy Dreams Come True (for adult comedians 18 & up) 

The Competitions will be featured online on varying social media (IG, FB, YouTube, TikTok)! Every week we will select a submission to win a cash prize of $100 a week for the adults and $50 for our young stars. 

Selected participants will also have the opportunity to pin their cash app during scheduled live interactions. This will allow viewers to donate money directly to YOU! 

To be considered, you must submit a ONE-MINUTE SKIT or FIVE-MINUTE PRE-RECORDED STAND UP SET of ORIGINAL MATERIAL. Submissions must be a MP4 or MOV file (preferred). This is as simple as shooting a video with your cell phone! The footage needs to be edited and upload ready for social media. Also please send a stock photo of yourself, and a brief bio (3-4 sentences), to be posted along with your video on our website.

By sending this footage to Simply C Productions, you give us rights to use the footage on all public platforms. 

A few things to keep you in the know:

Skits and stand up material will not compete during the same week, but instead each genre of comedy will be featured during separate weeks to highlight the unique quality of the art. 

The selected submissions will be posted on social media and participants will be contacted and scheduled for a live interview on our social media platforms.


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