Correy Bell

Bell had been going to open mics just to watch and laugh when Taneshia Rice (who performs under the name Just Nesh) told her, “If you show back up I’m going to put you up on stage.” Bell showed up. And Nesh put her on. “And it was like a feeling that you feel. It’s like a gift,” says Bell. “And when you finally tap into that gift it’s like, ‘Ohhhh. I don’t know, we’re on the start of something. And I would just come back every single week. And it was just history from there.”

Bell took to comedy quickly. “Stage presence has never been my issue because I come from a very big colorful family and there are a lot of us so I’ve always had to be one to make sure that my voice was heard,” she says. “And I’m a mother. I’m a mother of four. Listen, my voice is heard.”